Trunk Show

Yesterday, I had the wonderful and exciting opportunity of being invited to a trunk show of a Swedish designer, Caia of Sweden, who is specializing in leather. There were beautifully crafted handbags in soft, supple leather and distressed leather in luscious earthy tones, such as nougat, browns, dark greens and blacks.

I instantly fell in love with the shapes and unique designs, something that is really important to me when I look for a handbag. In the past seven years or so, I have been sticking to Swedish and Scandinavian designers for my handbags. Mostly because they have great quality, but also because I love having something unique.

Although I didn’t find a handbag this time around, I brought home a pair of cute brogues by a Danish designer Shoe Biz, in gray leather. As much walking as I do and as much as I love walking, biking and running around in my stilettos, I need to be nice to my feet and give them some comfort, once in a while. These cuties will be my staple this Fall as I run around town, looking for the next big thing.

While I was browsing for handbags and shoes, I was also exposed to other Scandinavian designers, thanks to these lovely ladies, who also worked the magic of finding me a bag to carry home my new found loves. Check out their website for the other featured designers, I promise that you will fall in love with something.



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