Color Me Happy

One of the greatest high end shopping malls in Sweden is in my opinion, NK – short for Nordiska Kompaniet – “The Nordic Company”. There are two, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. Sadly, I will not be in New York for the Fashion Week and Fashion Night Out this year, instead, I will spend my time going to all fashion related events that are going on in Sweden. This Saturday, NK is hosting a fashion show, which I will be attending.

I first saw their Fall Ad Campaign the other day, and I got truly inspired. The campaign goes “One who has style, is not committing any crime”. On each photo in the ad campaign, is a supposed fashion crime. Such as “Never mix pink and red”, and “Never dress in layers”, etc. The images are visually stunning and incredibly inspiring, it really got me excited about colors and Fall. I decided to take a walk to The Botanical Garden and snap away with my camera, capturing everything and anything that got my attention. Looking at leafs, flowers, trees and the sky made me think of colors swatches, of leather, shoes, flowy silk blouses, fabrics, what colors match and go together. Hopefully, I will have some great shots from the Fashion Show tomorrow. For now, here are photos of the ad campaign and a couple of flower shots from today. Enjoy!

NK Fall Ad Campaign
“Never mix pink and red” – My favorite
“Accentuate/Bring out your natural lip color”
“Never wear pumps with thick socks”
“Never do monochromatic”
“Never dress in layers”
Coral necklace
Organza Dress
Which made me think of this organza dress


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