Make Me Up

One of the first things I did when I moved to San Francisco, while attending college full time, was to get my diploma in makeup artistry. It was one of my biggest passions at that time, and still is – and it was one of the most fun experiences. It has come to use so many times, whether it’s been for personal or professional reasons.

San Francisco is one of the most amazing and most beautiful city in the world. Full of culture, art, color, people, cafes and restaurants, history and books, architecture – wherever you turn your head, you get inspired. I took a lot with me from San Francisco, it’s probably the place where I really started growing as a person and finding who I am and what I like. Meeting people that have had and still have, a big impact on who I am. It’s where I started to learn about style, about wine and grapes, cheese and chocolate, history, nature, friendships, and all the good things in life.

When I left San Francisco, I brought those experiences with me to Las Vegas – where I got to put my skills to use. The photos below are from a PR event I did with Lucky Magazine and Miss Sixty, and also from a makeup and styling gig with my Las Vegas friends at Sinner Magazine, for a story on Amy Carabba.

Me with Amy Carabba in the Las Vegas desert
Sinner Magazine
Post event photo, goofing around
Head to toe, Miss Sixty outfits
Inside, is the Miss Sixty photo – before my time at VEGAS Magazine
Inside VEGAS Magazine

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