Afternoon Tea

This morning, as I was reading metro, an article about afternoon tea caught my attention. As we are moving towards darker, colder days, we look for something comforting and cozy to warm us. The article read that an afternoon tea is trending in Gothenburg, Sweden. In this particular case at Brogyllen. The trend is a bit surprising to me, and not, at the same time. Surprising, because Sweden is a coffee drinking nation, known for it’s “fika paus” which translates to coffee and pastry break. Really, coffee WITH pastry/cake/cookie. The not so surprising part is that England, London in particular, has become a great travel destination for many here  – it’s fast and fairly cheap to get there, and it’s very international. I personally have yet to go there, probably becasue I moved to the U.S right after high school and never really had a chance to go there before that. The afternoon tea concept is also very much alike the Swedish “fika” concept, and both are old traditions. Instead of coffee and pastry, you have tea and a plate full of small bites. The afternoon tea concept has been popping up everywhere, not only in Gothenburg. When I lived in Las Vegas, they opened The Mandarin Oriental Hotel known for their Tea Lounge. Then I moved to New York City and worked at The Plaza for a little while, there, they had The Palm Court where they had impressive afternoon teas. I never had the afternoon tea there, I think that’s what happens when you work somewhere, you never really make it there, even though it should be the other way around.

I love the idea that afternoon teas have made it to Gothenburg too, I just hope it doesn’t take over the “fika” tradition that is here. Could you see that happening in England, a coffee “fika” take over? As unlikely.

Brogyllen – Sweden, Gothenburg
The Palm Court – At The Plaza NYC
The Palm Court Afternoon Tea – The Plaza NYC
Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas – Tea Lounge

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