H&M Does It Again

Growing up in Sweden, I remember when H&M was still Hennes & Mauritz and was the place where you could get wardrobe staples and great fashion finds for a very low cost. They have come a long way since then and yet – kept their prices low, it’s amazing. I am sure all of you fashionistas out there are very much aware of their collaboration with Versace, coming out this month, November 17th in Sweden. I am just as excited as all of you and I have found a gem in the collection, one of many, that I hope to get my hands on before they are all gone, as I am sure it is a favorite. I also happen to love the tunes on the website for the Versace collection, it’s whimsical and fun to listen to while browsing their amazing pieces. The dress I have my eyes on is a black, gold studded, leather dress that Donatella Versace herself was wearing at her fashion show. In 2004, H&M opened their first store in San Francisco. I couldn’t even have imagined how much crowd it would bring, people were lined up around the block, it was pure madness. My brother, who was visiting me at the time was flabbergasted, laughing at the thought of people lining up for H&M. I am happy to report that he gets it now. After a few years, I moved to Las Vegas and I got to be a part of the first store opening there as well. The largest H&M store opened it’s doors at December 11, 2010 and is located in Las Vegas, at The Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace. I was unfortunately not there for that one, as I had moved to New York by that time – the city where the first H&M opened its doors for the U.S market. A full circle for my H&M experiences and a place I have always supported through my journey of finding great, affordable  – and now, high fashion pieces.

Donatella Versace in my favorite dress of the collection
H&M opening in San Francisco in 2004 (the line just starting to form)

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