The shoe dilemma

The perfect summer shoe
The perfect summer shoe
Kicking up my summer heels in the streets of Queens, New York.
Kicking up my summer heels in the streets of Queens, New York.

It’s summer and you have been waiting to wear all of those gorgeous sandals sitting in your closet all winter, planning outfits and dreaming of a nice tan to go with those summer dresses. Then summer comes. Your legs are pale and you live somewhere in Europe, Sweden perhaps. And you realize that the streets are not made for walking in stilettos. Cobblestones, pretty and picturesque and make up the larger parts of the city making it absolutely impossible to walk on. You are guaranteed to get stuck in between the stones, and if not break your heels, scratch them – which makes them less than fresh and great looking. I have lost many shoes thanks to those beautiful cobblestones. Another thing that happens in the summer is swelling and gasp – sweat.


I usually get a pair of flip-flops, flats or sneakers to keep in my bag when I need to change into something more comfortable. What happens is that I end up with the high heels in my bag and the flats comfortably on my feet. The reason for that is mostly because I love walking, running, riding my bike for hours and hours. The weather is comfortable, there is so much to see and I don’t like being stuck inside a bus or tram, I love walking and exploring. The best compromise is a chunkier heel or a kitten heel. The kitten heel will still get stuck in the cobblestones but the heel is comfortable enough to walk fast in and not worry too much about getting stuck.


Do yourself a favor this summer. Wear the flats. Or if you can find a pair like the ones in the picture above from Aldo – get them, treat them well and wear them until they fall apart. Save the stilettos for the evenings and suffer through it, it’s worth it.


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