Hair Care

Oribe hair products
Oribe hair products
Moroccanoil Hydration
Moroccanoil Hydration
Pureology Hydrate
pureology hydra cure intense moisture hair masque
Pureology Hydracure Hair Mask


Bumble and bumble super-rich
Bumble and bumble super-rich conditioner
Nashi Argan
Nashi Argan

5 rules on maintaining my hair and keeping it healthy, soft and shiny – and smelling good!


  1. Don’t skimp out on shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. It’s worth spending a little extra as they tend to last longer and you don’t need a full hand of shampoo anyway. Find a line that works for your type of hair by recognizing your issue (whether it’d be frizzy, dry and damaged or fine. Then figure out what you want to achieve. Is it adding more volume, less volume, shine, etc.)
  2. Cleanse roots by massaging your scalp and just run your hands and fingers through the lengths without rubbing your hair. Always use a conditioner, especially when it’s dry outside, whether from the heat or the cold – and leave it on for at least 3 minutes. Once a week, use a hair mask and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.
  3. Squeeze out excess water but don’t rub with a towel. Add your choice of frizz control cream, oil, leave-in conditioner or spray, and let it air dry if you can. If not, start with a cooler setting on your blow drier and focus on drying your hair from the roots, the ends usually dry much quicker.
  4. Depending on the type and quality of your hair, add heat protectant product and/or cream for the ends to keep your cuticles closed.
  5. When finished styling, add some glossing cream to keep stray hair down and to give off a polished, shiny and deliciously scented hair!


I have tried many different hair products and found a few brands that I love. These are my top 5, in no particular order:

  1. Bumble and bumble
  2. Moroccan Oil
  3. Pureology
  4. Nashi
  5. Oribe

Facial Xpress

Xpresspa facial mask
Xpresspa facial mask

I have a confession to make. I’m scared of getting a facial. I remember when it happened too. I was sixteen, walking around in the beauty department when I stopped at the Chanel counter and started talking with the woman behind the counter. She was tall, blonde hair in a ponytail all made up with a gorgeous hot pink lipstick. I was intrigued with everything that had to do with beauty and make up from a very young age, so as I was getting closer, I noticed her skin was bumpy and uneven.

She began telling me the story about how her skin got so bad (she probably noticed me staring). As you can guess, she told me that she had gotten a facial and apparently they had gone a little too rough on her skin because she ended up with a really bad texture that she could do nothing about (other than using the best foundations and powders to cover it up).

Ever since, I have been extremely careful with my skin. Always curious and wanting to get a facial but instead I have tried any and all beauty regimens and products out there. In my mind, it’s better to live with an occasional breakout and blackheads that I can scrub away or that disappear after a while on their own, rather than getting a facial and be left scarred for the rest of my life. So. In my constant quest of finding the very best beauty products and rituals, I have become pretty good at recognizing what products are good for my skin rather quickly.

Last night, after a day on the beach – I had foolishly skipped out on my sunscreen, thinking I wouldn’t be out too long and the summers are not that hot in Sweden – needless to say, I got sunburned. Now I was running around, looking for Aloe Vera on a Sunday afternoon in Sweden. Everything is closed except for the grocery store and I found one product by Garnier ‘Ambre Solaire’ and purchase it. I get home and as I dig around in my basket, I see this facemask that says ‘Aloe Vera’ on it. I wash my face and as I open it, this freshly, cold, pleasant yet slippery gel like mask gives me an instant gratifying feeling as it touches my fingers. I put the first of a two-part mask on, starting with the lower half/part of my face and it almost feels like a magnet when I put it on. The next part is a little harder – slippery and folding in my hands, I quickly find the top part and put it on my forehead, nose and cheeks. The gel stays on and the cooling effect is It says to keep it on for 20-30 minutes – I had it on for an hour. I just didn’t want it to end, ever. It felt amazing, probably more so because my skin was red and hot and I was relieved but when I took it off, the red and the swelling had gone down and my skin felt nice and fresh again. Now I’m looking for places to purchase it – hydrogel facial sheet mask just changed my life.

Which brings me back to my initial statement. I think I’m finally ready to try an actual facial at a spa, but I’ll probably go for something light to start with, no extractions or peels. What are your experiences with facials? Any recommendations?



One of the latest projects I have been working on, is helping out at Pouf! Magazine.

There, you can see some of the work I have done in writing and editing, makeup and styling. Check out p. 28-29 for my list on packing for a weekend in Paris and some tips. You can also find the styling and makeup I did on p. 8-9 on Ann-Charlotte Lovén and Jelena Jankovic, and p. 10-11 for their Editor’s Note. Below are some behind the scene photos from the photshoot.

Behind the scenes
Jelena Jankovic
Ann-Charlotte Lovén
It’s a wrap!

Femme Fatale Fragrance

This beautiful, warm and sexy fragrance, Black Orchid by Tom Ford is one of my favorites. It includes top notes of French jasmine, black gardenia, ylang ylang, bergamot, mandarin and citrus. Heart notes of black orchid, spicy floral orchid accords and lotus wood, patchouli, incense, amber, dark chocolate, sandalwood and vanilla.

Sensual, spicy and elegant – it gives off that femme fatale feeling that makes you want to paint your nails and lips red. The sleek black bottle with gold details just adds to the mystery. Absolute favorite.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Bottle
The Ad
Captures the feeling

Morning Bun

Last night, I washed my hair right before I went to bed and put it up in a bun. When I woke up this morning, my hair felt wonderful. Soft, shiny and full of volume. I used the hair rules shampoo. It’s a great product and smells wonderful!

Below, is a  photo of my JT Italia DV Tote.

My hair in a bun this morning
Another angle of my messy bun
My metallic, light blue JT Italia DV Tote

Nailing It

Every Fall and Winter, I go back to my dark nail polishes. Navy, plum, dark red, dark brown and other darker shades. One of my favorite is Blue Satin, by Chanel. I am amazed that I still have any left, I have now had it for a few years. I usually stick to not-too-crazy colors, but this year, Chanel came out with an exciting color that I am tempted to try – Peridot.

Chanel Fall 2011
Me, in Blue Satin nail polish, by Chanel
With Anna in Vegas – Me, in a plum nail polish

Make Me Up

One of the first things I did when I moved to San Francisco, while attending college full time, was to get my diploma in makeup artistry. It was one of my biggest passions at that time, and still is – and it was one of the most fun experiences. It has come to use so many times, whether it’s been for personal or professional reasons.

San Francisco is one of the most amazing and most beautiful city in the world. Full of culture, art, color, people, cafes and restaurants, history and books, architecture – wherever you turn your head, you get inspired. I took a lot with me from San Francisco, it’s probably the place where I really started growing as a person and finding who I am and what I like. Meeting people that have had and still have, a big impact on who I am. It’s where I started to learn about style, about wine and grapes, cheese and chocolate, history, nature, friendships, and all the good things in life.

When I left San Francisco, I brought those experiences with me to Las Vegas – where I got to put my skills to use. The photos below are from a PR event I did with Lucky Magazine and Miss Sixty, and also from a makeup and styling gig with my Las Vegas friends at Sinner Magazine, for a story on Amy Carabba.

Me with Amy Carabba in the Las Vegas desert
Sinner Magazine
Post event photo, goofing around
Head to toe, Miss Sixty outfits
Inside, is the Miss Sixty photo – before my time at VEGAS Magazine
Inside VEGAS Magazine

Color Me Happy

One of the greatest high end shopping malls in Sweden is in my opinion, NK – short for Nordiska Kompaniet – “The Nordic Company”. There are two, one in Stockholm and one in Gothenburg. Sadly, I will not be in New York for the Fashion Week and Fashion Night Out this year, instead, I will spend my time going to all fashion related events that are going on in Sweden. This Saturday, NK is hosting a fashion show, which I will be attending.

I first saw their Fall Ad Campaign the other day, and I got truly inspired. The campaign goes “One who has style, is not committing any crime”. On each photo in the ad campaign, is a supposed fashion crime. Such as “Never mix pink and red”, and “Never dress in layers”, etc. The images are visually stunning and incredibly inspiring, it really got me excited about colors and Fall. I decided to take a walk to The Botanical Garden and snap away with my camera, capturing everything and anything that got my attention. Looking at leafs, flowers, trees and the sky made me think of colors swatches, of leather, shoes, flowy silk blouses, fabrics, what colors match and go together. Hopefully, I will have some great shots from the Fashion Show tomorrow. For now, here are photos of the ad campaign and a couple of flower shots from today. Enjoy!

NK Fall Ad Campaign
“Never mix pink and red” – My favorite
“Accentuate/Bring out your natural lip color”
“Never wear pumps with thick socks”
“Never do monochromatic”
“Never dress in layers”
Coral necklace
Organza Dress
Which made me think of this organza dress