I recently bought a new home that I am moving into in a couple of weeks. It has been a long wait and a daunting process preparing our current home for sale. With some struggle, the end of it is becoming rather exciting. All the lifting and packing has prepared me for a smoother move and stronger arms!

Yesterday, I had some lovely interior designers & stylists turning our little gem into a gorgeous space. Mixing our own things with some new pieces and textiles gave me so much inspiration but mostly and surprisingly to me – all the beautiful plants. As a city girl,  my mantra has always been “less is more”. It is the very reason I love living in the city, to be near everything. Having plants at home meant I needed to water and care for them. My lack of knowledge and interest about plants for the longest time has not been to my advantage, “it is just not what I do!”, I would say. Fast forward to yesterday, with a small flower obsession that began a few months ago – I am suddenly super inspired. A fig tree with a heavy pot in a granite, earthy color. Ginkgo wrapped in a washable paper bag, lush herbs giving life to my home & kitchen. I can’t wait to bring them to my new home!2016-04-26 11.02.23

Fresh thyme.